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Siteground Coupons
If you are interested in purchasing hosting from the siteground or want to migrate your website to the siteground, then wait. By Applying these promo codes and discount offers on siteground, you can use their products at very reliable prices. Coupon mandi can take the benefit of 70% off on shopping from Siteground.To make this benefit Click on it.

It is necessary to have a Siteground account to use these promo codes. Because without the Siteground account, you are unable to buy anything from them.

Siteground Short Review

Siteground hosting is a well-known name in the world. This company has been selling hosting since 2004. About 2,000,000 websites use their hosting. WordPress.org has recommended this by itself. They deal with shared hosting, back hosting, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and Woocommerce, etc. About 500 people are working in the company.


SiteGround How to
How to purchase using discount coupons on Siteground?
If you want to apply a discount coupon on purchasing from Siteground, you need to follow some steps. By these steps, you can easily take the benefits of promo codes and discount coupons.

So, First of all, Click on the “Get This Deal” button in the coupon. ( The discount coupon will be applied automatically and redirected you to the siteground).

Choose the plan which you want to purchase and click on the “Get Started” Button. (Given in the bottom of the package).
After that, Siteground provides you two options first for “Buy a Domain” and the second one for “Already have a Domain.”

Then they ask you to fill some personal details to add these on your profile page like Name, Gmail, Password, Address, Phone number, and so on. At last, they ask you to select one payment method to pay. (Choose the method you are satisfied with.)

Finally, you succeed to purchase from Siteground.

How to migrate website to Siteground hosting?
Basically, Siteground provides you three methods to migrate your website to their hosting. You can migrate your website with the Setup wizard, with the help of the support team and manually. Let’s talk about all ways of migration.

The first method is to migrate your website through the setup wizard. The setup wizard is a service system of Siteground, which is free in higher plans, but in basic plans, you will have to pay separately for it. This plan gives you the direct option of site transfer. All you have to do is click on the option with the transfer website and then confirm it.

The method way is that you will take the help of Siteground to migrate your website. It is free. You need to go to the User area and click on support. The assistant team of Siteground provides you a link. After opening this link, you will see the list of options then click on transfer a website.

The last method is to migrate your website manually. In this method, you need to follow some steps- make a backup of your files, transfer your database into the new server then upload your data in the database of the new server.

SiteGround Deals and Offers Faqs
Is Siteground provide a free trial service?
No, Site Ground does not provide free trail service. But they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you do not like the services of Siteground within 30 days for any reason or no reason, Siteground will refund all your money.

Does Siteground facilitate free site migration?
This depends on the package you take. Siteground does not offer a free website migration on the startup plan. But Grow-big and GeorGeek plans include the offer of a free website migration. If you want to migrate your website in a startup plan, you should pay extra charges for this.

Does Siteground host the adult content?
No, the policies of the siteground are strictly against the adult content. You don’t host adult content on siteground servers. Siteground mention all things which they accept or not accept in their privacy policy page. For more information, you can visit their privacy policy page.

Do Sitegrounds Offer a Free Domain?
No, they don’t offer a free domain. If you want a domain with hosting, then you should pay extra charges for it.

Does Siteground offer an automatic renewal feature?
Yes, they provide the feature of automatic renewal. Your product and plans will automatically renew according to your billing cycle on siteground.

Which payment methods are available on Siteground?
Siteground accepts the payment with VISA, Mastercard, Amerian Express, and PayPal.

SiteGround Hosting Plans-
Siteground offers many hosting plans to its customers according to there needs like Web hosting, WordPress hosting, Woocommerce hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated server. They provide Startup plans for beginners that are affordable, reliable, and fully managed. And they also offer the advanced level of hosting plans like cloud hosting and dedicated server etc.

Web Hosting Plans
WordPress Hosting Plans
Cloud Hosting Plans
Dedicated Server Plans
SiteGround Web Hosting Plans
Siteground offers Web hosting plans with the following features fast load speed, secure management system, easy domain management, and reliable E-mail service. The startup plan costs $3.95, which includes 10 GB space, one website, 10,000 monthly visitors limit, and many more.

Starts From $3.95/mo* $5.95/mo* $11.95/mo*
Website Capability 1 Website Unlimited Website Unlimited Website
Storage 10 GB Space 20 GB Space 30 GB Space
SSH Free Included Free Included Free Included
Traffic Limit Per Monthly 10,000 Visitors 25,000 Visitors 1,00,000 Visitors
Back-up Included Included Included
Free Website Migration Not Included Included Included
On-Demand Back-up Not Included Not Included Included
Support System 24*7 Support 24*7 Support 24*7 Support
One-Click Get Repo Creation Not Included Not Included Included
White Label Website Management Not Included Not Included Included
30 Days Money-Back Included Included Included
SiteGround WordPress Hosting Plans
SiteGround offers specialized hosting packages for the WordPress website. Official “WordPress.org recommends them.” So we can say that they are the trustful and secure WordPress hosting provider in the industry. They provide a fully managed hosting to their customer, which make it easy to use. The starting plan costs $3.95/mo* for WP hosting. After renew, this cost increases to about 11 to 12 dollars.

Starts From $3.95/mo* $5.95/mo* $11.95/mo*
Website Capability 1 Website Unlimited Website Unlimited Website
Storage 10 GB Space 30 GB Space 30 GB Space
Traffic Limit Per Monthly 10,000 Visitors 25,000 Visitors 1,00,000 Visitors
WP Installation Free Free Free
WordPress SuperCacher Not Included Included Included
On-Deamand Back-up Not Included Included Included
SEO Tools and Tips Not Included Not Included Included
SiteGround Cloud Hosting Plans
Sometimes Shared hosting doesn’t feel capable of covering all needs of the customer. So Siteground also offers Cloud hosting plans for advance performance and better user experience. These plans are costly than shared hosting plans. The Startup plan costs $80/mo* of Cloud hosting.

Starts From $80/mo* $120/mo* $160/mo* $240/mo*
CPU Processor 2 CPU Cores 3 CPU Cores 4 CPU Cores 8 CPU Cores
RAM 4 GB memory 6 GB memory 8 GB memory 10 GB memory
Space (SSD) 40 GB SSD Space 60 GB SSD Space 80 GB SSD Space 120 GB SSD Space
Data Transfer Capability 5000 GB Data 5000 GB Data 5000 GB Data 5000 GB Data
IP Address Included Included Included Included
SiteGround Dedicated Server Plans
Dedicated Server is like buying a car instead of traveling in an auto. You have all the control in it. And it is much more expensive than shared hosting and cloud hosting. If both shared hosting and cloud hosting are not able to meet your needs, then a dedicated server is a good suggestion for you. The starting plan of the Dedicated Server costs $269 per month. In it, you will find all the needed.

Starts From $269/mo* $349/mo* $729/mo*
Processor Intel Xeon E3-1230 SSD Intel Xeon E3-1270 SSD 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2630 SSD
Speed 3.20Ghz Clock Speed 3.50Ghz Clock Speed 2.00Ghz Clock Speed
CPU Cores 4 CPU Core 4 CPU Core 2*6 CPU Cores
CPU Threads 8 CPU Threads 8 CPU Threads 2^12 CPU Threads
Storage 480GB SSD Storage 960GB SSD Storage 960GB SSD Storage (in RAID1)
Bandwidth 10TB Bandwidth 10TB Bandwidth 10TB Bandwidth
Support Service VIP Support Service VIP Support Service VIP Support Service
Siteground is a well-known name in the hosting industry. Like everything, it has both good and evil. However, WordPress.org has recommended itself so that it can be trusted. They are hosting more than 2 million domains of their Goodwill and Siteground fully supports its customers. So we can say that SiteGround is a good suggestion for hosting.