Try Cloudways FREE for 4 Months

Signup through us & Try Cloudways FREE for 4 Months with Credit upto 42$

Know the process


1. What is all this?

This is a promotional offer Cloudways offers for new users, where they get 25$ credits if they signup through above link.
You can also apply promo code "BFCM" during signup to get 40% off on your next four months' bill.
By applying both of these offers, you get 6$ per month on the bill and that 6$ will be paid by free credit you got when you signed up through the link and activated your account by adding any visa or MasterCard to your account.

2. What do I have to do?

You have to signup through our link and apply the promo code "BFCM".
Now choose a 1GB digital ocean server, create a server and activate your account fully by adding your debit/credit card to the account.
Now you will see 25$ in the funds, and your 6$ will be deducted at the end of every month.
Remember you have to pay 10$ per month if you want to continue after four months.

3. What is Cloudways? ?

Cloudways is a Managed cloud hosting platform.

4. What are the requirements?

You need a working credit/debit card to activate your account.
What is the configuration of the Managed VPS I got free for four months? You have 25$ credit; all the choices are open, but if you choose any other server costing more than 10$, the duration will be reduced accordingly.

5. Can I repeat this offer?

This may expire soon. You can connect with us on our Telegram channel to get similar offers.

6. What things not to do?

Don't forget to apply the promo code while signing up and activating your account fully with your debit/credit card.

7. What if I didn't get my credit?

You may not activate your account fully. Still, you can connect with us on telegram.

8. Which promo code to apply?

Please apply promo code "BFCM"

Still Confusion?
or Email us at [email protected]